Monday, November 2, 2009

Black Bean Burritos

Got home late on Saturday night and we were starving! I was having trouble thinking of something to make, but then remembered driving by Taco Bell. Now, I loathe Taco Bell. I have not eaten there in years. But while driving by, I thought their grilled burrito and thought "hey, I can do that at home". So, Saturday night I threw together some black beans, spinach, tomatoes, vegan cheez in a skillet. I added some cumin, garlic and other spices. I then filled up multi-grain tortillas, rolled them, put them under the broiler. Once they were done "grilling", I cut them in half and ended up with a nice plate of mini grilled burritos. We cut up some avocado as we do almost every night and then sat down and enjoyed our midnight.

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