Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back again

Two years have passed since our last post.  Going to try and get back to this blogging thing! Here are some dishes we have made over the last few weeks.

1. Mediterranean beans with sauteed cabbage and Chard from our garden with flatbread covered in Daiya
2. Yukon gold and artichoke mashed potatoes stuffed into a portobello mushroom and salad from our garden
3. Broccoli curry dal and sauteed greens from our garden
4. Eggplant bahji with Moroccan spice carrots
5. BBQ tofu, avocado, black bean hummus sandwich
6. Making cookies! Peanut butter and chocolate chip
7. Polenta fries and sauteed greens from the garden
8. Veggie and rice gratin with salad from the garden

We are going to try and get back to blogging weekly, hopefully nightly!

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